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What people are saying about Gateaux Bakery:

Had a piece of yellow cake with lemon filling from a birthday party and fell in love....when I went into the bakery they had so many things I wanted to try...I will be coming here from now on for my bakery needs and wants!  - Tieriny Nicholette


If you're looking for the new IT bakery in the Hampton Roads area, this is it!! Amazing cakes and streusel. This bakery can do no wrong!!  - Samantha Bellefeuille


An OUTSTANDING local bakery!!
Not only are all the bakers and owners professional pastry chefs (and have the resumes to prove it) but they provide the BEST customer service and satisfaction. They take great care in making sure the customer is given the best service and that they are meeting every need of the customer. I have purchased two cakes from Gateaux. One was for a graduation anniversary the other for a birthday cake. Both were outstanding! The quote I consistently received from all who ate the cake was 'This is best cake I have ever had'. No exaggeration whatsoever. There was an almond pound cake with elaborate decoration and coconut almond cake. My order was received with the upmost care and the chef made sure that I approved exactly what was to be the components of the cakes. Gateaux is also extremely professional in calling to remind me of when I might pick up my order and was always on time. Nothing short of perfection. Great product, customer service, and professionalism. -  Lindsay Bulls


Just sampled a slice of heavenly red velvet cake from the regions best bakery, Gateaux Bakery. Fabulous!! I highly recommend them for all your special occasions!! - Ann Christie


Joanne and her staff did a wonderful job on my wedding cake. I had to carry it on my lap from Va beach to Corolla NC , we must say it was well worth it. I will post a picture soon. Thanks again to Gateaux Bakery. - Tina Boswell Tarkington


So much yummy goodness! Friendly staff we will definitely be back! ! - Aimee Marchand Bader


Hands down best new bakery in Hampton roads! The staff were beyond helpful and friendly. Wide variety of upscale pastries and sweet treats. This isn't just your average cupcakes, cookies, and bread bakery folks. Check it out!! Won't be sorry. Hurry up! - Kaitlyn Long


Classy and awesome owners!!!! You all rock! - Ray Gessner (Owner of Step in Time Chimney Sweep)


It's located on 'pleasure house road' -- so its gotta be legit!
My friend had a  'once in a blue moon' chocolate craving yesterday- so we had to use it wisely. So, at 5:53, we bolted out of the house and googled directions to gateaux. We got there around 5:56 ( i said we bolted, right?) and the lady was kind enough to let us slitherin. She was ending her shift but was still so patient with us as we drooled over everything!  We walked out with tirmisu and their twixter. My friend enjoyed her twixter so much - it was  a thicker homemade twix ( about 30% bigger than a snickers bar) , dipped in chocolate. I got the tirmisu and was NOT DISAPPOINTED. It was so gooey with expresso nearly dripping from the ladyfingers on the bottom. The top cream was not overly sweet and was delicious!  They also have 2 'clearance' type bins- one with 3 items for 5$ and the other 2 for 4$-- its a steal compared to their original prices and these items arent 'bad'. They are just from the day before. The croissants were still soft and so were the cookies. The Tirmisu ( IS the best tirmisu i have ever had) - Pooja K. (Yelp Elitist)


I've been coming to Gateaux since shortly after they opened. My mother and I being francophiles, we were excited to see a bakery that provided a variety of pastries and treats from all across Europe. They were only okay in the first few months after opening, their breads and croissants were good, but they needed some work. I returned to their shop today and was happy to see great improvement with the macarons. I had an amazing croissant and just finished a piece of the apple strudel (I'm definitely going to get another piece and have it heated up with a bit of ice cream). They also have a good social media presence on facebook, interacting with customers and letting people know about any deals they're offering. They also provide pictures that tempt you to hop in your car and head over there as soon as you see them. I'm very happy to see that Gateaux has improved and that it's doing well. I can't wait to return. - Jenna D


I love the almond Croissant  crispy, tanning and smelling good of fresh flour with the almond baked on the top. The price is reasonable and there staff has a big smile in the first step i get in the door. Worth it to recommend to my friend and get my five star for a favorite place!! - Kimberly M


I love sweets, so when a sign caught my eye that a new bakery in the Bayside area opened I was all over it. Upon closer inspection it's name is a dead give away, this wouldn't be a run of the mill bakery, but patisserie. The name 'Gateaux' in French means cake which is the bakery's focus. The shop does all sorts of specialty cakes including the wedding variety. The bake shop is located off of Pleasure House Rd. in Thoroughgood Commons. The bright burgundy and white awning that protrudes from the building make it a cinch to find. Parking is plentiful and should never be an issue. Both the parking lot and sidewalk were in exceptional condition on my visit. Upon entering the store I was immediately greeted by owner Chris. The confectionery has one long case and another for refrigerated goods like tarts and cakes. This is strictly a carry out store. There is no customer seating inside, or outside. Some reconfiguration of a shelving accent wall would have to be changed to provide interior tables. But I suspect they will add a few tables outside the door come Spring... at least they should in my opinion.  I guess you could say owners Chris and Joanne decided to have a mid life crisis together and opened the only French Bakery in Virginia Beach just before Thanksgiving. Joanne who does all the baking has taught and most recently was in the healthcare field. However, this would not be the family's first foray making French baked goods. Previous to Gateaux they owned a bake shop in Greensboro, NC. Husband Chris has the flexibility to work from home and assist in the store daily. You could say it's a family run business with there college age daughter assisting when home from school. Everything looked scrumptious in the case. Chris, then later Joanne came out from the kitchen to discuss some of the items. I elected to choose several to take home and sample. I picked up a few palmiers (like a danish) in chocolate chip and blueberry, a chocolate bouchon (like a cup cake), an apple caramel tart and a few chocolate chip cookies. Chris gave me a chocolate macaroon to try in the store. Strange, but I had never had one. It had a nice crunch to the exterior cookie and a delicious creme inside. I was immediately craving another, it was awesome! Fast forward to my home after dinner with the family all dying to try the treats I brought home. Mom said  the chocolate chip cookie was to die for, so rich, crisp and tons of chips. My wife and I thought  the chocolate bouchon was over the top. It was crazy rich with a moist chip center and crisp outer edge. My son and I both loved the chocolate chip and blueberry palimer's. I heated mine up and enjoyed with coffee. OMG it was incredibly yummy! The tart immediately reminded me of my all time favorite desert at Disney's Epcot French bakery. Lots of fresh fruit, scrumptious flavors and nice texture to the bottom. Not to mention lots if crumbly goodness on top. Is anyone keeping score, I certainly am. Five different items sampled, a family of four tasting five home runs dishes. There is no doubt in my mind that those who try Gateaux will fall in love with this new Bayside patisserie like we have. - J.David Hillary (Yelp Elitist)


Fresh, hot croissants. Need I say more? I am drooling just thinking about them. And the sourdough bread was pretty good too! Can't wait to go back and try some other items. - Casey G


AMAZING bakery right in my backyard.  We stooped by on our way home from lunch and left with a fresh loaf of bread, amazing scones, and a refreshing lemon tart.  The staff and chef were very friendly and eager to help.  Looking forward to my next visit. - Richard L.


Finally got the chance to try this place out. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience! The decor is nice and it smelled like freshly baked bread! As a matter of fact, I got a hot loaf right out of the oven. Yummy!!!!! I chose a few different things to sample. My favorite was the blueberry scone and croissants. My kids loved their chocolate croissant. My husband enjoyed an apricot bear claw. We will be back to try more goodies! The apple strudel looks incredible! There is an upstairs...but I did not get the chance to check it out. Looks like a nice sitting area. - Marisa S


My friend and I checked this place out to fulfill our sweet tooth cravings. Gateaux Bakery had delicious French baked treats. We tried the macarons, madeleines, pecan cookies, tres leches and the best apple pie. The decor even had a French feel. This quaint place closed early at 6 p.m., so we had to hurry and eat. I'd love to come back to sample more goodies, especially the cakes. - Jennifer D.


My friend and I went to check out this place and we had our sweet fix. We enjoyed the pastries, she ate an almond croissant and I had the custard fruit tart, we were both in heaven. The Next day I went back with my husband and we had some of their sample pastries, it was soooo delicious...the lemon cake won my taste buds so bad I even imagined myself eating a whole cake to myself...but that wouldn't good...right? Lol. After sampling we took home some challah bread for french toast ( that was awesome!!!) I had the Tres Leches cake which was spot on! My husband had two pastries all two himself, I forget which ones he picked, but he scarfed them down!  We are Definitely coming back! - Adriana B.


Amazing bakery! Smells fantastic as soon as you walk in and everyone working there is really friendly.  Tried a couple of things and all were to die for.  You can't go wrong! - Marcie M.


This is a really nice bakery!  I have tried several of their incredible treats, all have been absolutely delicious.   The owners are very nice and a lot of fun.  If you find yourself in the Pleasure House Road area, definitely stop in and grab something really yummy. - Peter B.


My fiance and I traveled to VA beach for Thanksgiving this year. As we explored the neighborhood close to where we stayed, we found a brand-spankin'-new French patisserie not far from us. I have a slight pastry problem, so we decided to check it out. 
As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by one of the owners, who talked to us about the process of custom building all the display cases, and the stresses of opening a new small business just before the Thanksgiving holiday. The second owner Joanne, who is also the baker, came out and told me all about the different pastries they had at the time, and her plans for other items in the near future. 
Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to buy 'one of everything' like I wanted, but what I did get to try was completely AMAZEBALLS. Let me just tell you, the apple caramel tart is paradise in the palm of your hand!  Rumor has it they're doing more breads, soups, sandwiches and even offering coffee, which sounds lovely! I wish them success in their new business venture! At this moment we haven't been back since we live in the Northeast, but if we do ever return to VA beach, this will definitely be one of our stops! Emilee M. Berwick


I just love this place.  I brought the Aux Pomme to a party and I was everyone's hero.  One of my friends said it was like crack. If you get a chance, try the chocolate croissants, any of the cheese cakes (chocolate raspberry in particular) and this beautiful pastry they make that is covered in fresh fruit.  I just can't remember what it's called.  When you see it you will absolutely know what I'm talking about m it is add good as it looks. I work at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek and I'm so glad this place opened up so close by.  I recently liked them on Facebook and now get updates daily on what is being baked fresh that day. - Todd Varvel


I had the opportunity to stop in check out this new bakery recently.  Wow!  The creative selection of pastries is excellent.  JoAnne, the owner, is very talented and thus far everything that I have had from Gateaux has been fantastic.  I never knew that I had a sweet tooth until I tried the raspberry tarts.  I really wish I could rmember all of the names of the other things I had but suffice it to say they were all wonderful. - Michelle Ray